The Journey Continues...

Now you've finished our Everyone Welcome training — the first step on your journey to more inclusive hospitality. Our Companion Workbook lays out the next 23 steps in the journey, and empowers you to share the education with your team.

The Companion Workbook serves as your road map as you continue on this incredible journey toward inclusive hospitality and work through the implementation of your learning within your organization.

Inside this workbook you'll find exercises that will stretch your mind; discussions to share with your team, practical changes you can make today; guidance to help you express your values; processes to evaluate and update your communications; and tips on how to work with the community to amplify your success.

The final section — Additional Resources and Education — is filled with a wide-range of resources: articles, videos, websites and books that will help you better understand, share and implement best and emerging practices.

What's inside the workbook...

Section 1: Journey Progress Checkpoint

Section 2: Foundational Exercises

  • Step 1: Discussion Guidelines and Agreements
  • Step 2: LGBTQ+ Language discussion
  • Step 3: Implicit Bias exercise
  • Step 4: Genderbread learning exercise
  • Step 5: Gender Inclusive Language exercise
  • Step 6: Relationships and pronouns exercise

Section 3: Practical Accommodations

  • Step 7: Non-binary ID discussion
  • Step 8: Gendered Amenities and Services discussion
  • Step 9: Gendered Bathroom Issues exercises and discussion
  • Step 10: Proactive Welcome discussion

Section 4: Express Your Values

  • Step 11: Create a non-discrimination policy
  • Step 12: Create a code-of-conduct policy
  • Step 13: Create a Statement of Welcome

Section 5: Talking The Talk

  • Step 14: Audit your website for inclusive language + imagery
  • Step 15: Audit marketing materials for inclusive Language + Imagery
  • Step 16: Audit Forms to accommodate non-binary individuals and same-sex couples
  • Step 17: Create a local LGBTQ+ venue and history guide

Section 6: Come Together

  • Step 18: Identify local LGBTQ+ Organizations for potential collaboration/engagement
  • Step 19: Build a diverse Supply Chain and an LGBTQ+friendly Vendor List for Weddings and Events
  • Step 20: Join the Networks

Section 7: Reap The Rewards

  • Step 21: Recognize The Market
  • Step 22: Marketing and Sales

Section 8: Additional Resources

Foundational Exercises
Foundational Exercises

Designed to be shared with your team, these exercises will stretch your minds. The concepts will be familiar to you from the training; the guidance and additional resources will make it easy for you to share them.

Practical Accommodations

We’ll look at the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ travelers, and the big and small practical changes you can make to provide more respectful, authentic and welcoming hospitality.

Reap The Rewards

The LGBTQ+ market is a large, loyal, and lucrative one. By implementing our proven techniques and strategies, you will be opening the door to this much sought after market and its allies.

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Everyone Welcome Workbook

The companion workbook for Everyone Welcome

This workbook contains 20 exercises, discussions and steps to share the learning of Everyone Welcome with your team, and translate your knowledge into policies and programs that make your business more welcoming and inclusive. It includes best practices, examples, templates and additional resources to advance your journey to Inclusive Hospitality. You have seven days to download the workbook once you have purchased it.